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 LCD and LED TV Repair Service in Sakinaka

 Proservz is a leading repair service provider for LCD and LED brand television repair services for Sakinaka customers. We are dedicated to the quality of our service. Therefore, the best technicians who are keen on the job and aim at delivering excellent services to ensure that your TV works perfectly again are part of our team.

Experienced Technicians:

The team of proficient technicians our company hires knows everything about repairing LCD and LED TVs, as well as any brands or models thereof. That’s why they are provided with the best tools and specialists that can’t only diagnose but also fix the most complicated malfunctions with great accuracy.

Comprehensive Repairs:

As part of Proservz’s mission to deal with LCD and LED TV repair issues, we offer multiple repair services. Those services are designed to address each problem specifically. Be it anything from a broken screen to audio problems, software malfunctions, or any other problem, our technicians run a full diagnostic and resolve the underlying cause of the malfunction before they put the repairs into effect. Contact for best TV repair services in Sakinaka

Genuine Parts:

We realize that employing the best parts in the process of TV repairs definitely makes certain about the long-run operation and quality. Consequently, we tie in acquisitions of desirable elements from trustworthy vendors, thus providing consistent and long-lasting repairs that comply with the specifications of the manufacturers.

Prompt Service:

 We highly value your time, and we make sure this gets attended to as soon as possible to avoid disruptions to your day. With your service request, our technical staff begins the servicing process, where they are dispatched promptly to reach your Sakinaka address in a timely manner and get your TV issues fixed.

Transparent Pricing:

A principal at Proservz is that being transparent and honest is paramount in establishing our pricing. Our quotes are accurate upfront, either before or at pickup, with no surprises or hidden fees, so you can go ahead and make the right decisions about your TV repair needs.

Convenient Location:

Our center in Sakinaka, where the region is well connected with its residents, businesses, and locale, is easily accessible. Whether you’re around Thane or near Kalina, we will have an expert on site to promptly respond to your TV repair needs.

Customer satisfaction guarantee: 

Proservz treats a happy customer as one of its most valuable assets. Our quality of work is backed by a warranty, and within that period, if you are dissatisfied with the repairs, we will fix them to your satisfaction. Perhaps you are stuck somewhere after repair; just reach out to us, and we’ll take every step until you are satisfied.

In the choice of LCD and LED TV repair service in Sakinaka, Proservz proved to be the professional whose name occupies an honorable position in the minds of the clients. Our technicians possess sufficient experience, all-round repairs, and original parts, and we thoroughly satisfy the customer so that the TV can be fixed professionally. Give us a call today about that quality service that would definitely be your best option.

  • Samsung TV repair: 

    Proservz focuses on resolving Samsung TV issues with integrity and professionalism. Our personnel, who have gained experience, will diagnose and remedy the problem with your Samsung TV in no time at all so that you can enjoy optimal performance once again. From the screen to the audio to software glitches, we have one aim: to sort for you by giving quality repairs using genuine parts.

  • LG TV repair:

    Our Proservz company provides a five-star experience with LG TV repair services. Our experienced technicians are prepared for LG TVs of different codes, diagnosing and resolving hardware or software rumblings on a timely basis. Starting from screenshots up to software problems, we guarantee your LG TV will perform fully again.

  • Mi TV Repair:

     Trust Proservz for the right Mi TV repair services delivered quickly. The experience of our service engineers in diagnosing and repairing problems related to Mi TV sets is what guarantees a smooth and enjoyable watching process. Either it’s a defective hardware or software issue, we make available prompt repairs that come with original parts for the best results altogether.

  • Sony TV repair: 

    Proservz is your one-stop Sony TV service centre in Sakinaka, offering exceptional Sony TV repair work. Our skilled technicians are definitely skilled in diagnosing and solving problems related to any Sony TV model in a timely manner. Whether it is a screen problem, sound problem, or software malfunction, we regenerate with original components to ensure your Sony TV performs excellently without a problem.


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    Proservz panel repair service has guaranteed solutions for every panel.

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    We offer the best deals and offers for any kind of LED panel.

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    All the LCD panel problems are repaired by the experienced Proservz panel repair team.

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    Even flat tv panel problems are repaired at Proservz.

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    We help customers by assisting them by replacing the Panel with the original one not with duplicate ones.

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    We offer strong support assistance to customers 24/7.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, Proservz has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.



Proservz Has been a very helpful partner inorder to support us in our Managed IT requirements. Their team is always available to help us with the issues and clearing the tickets raised within the defined SLAs.

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We have been trying to find a right trusted partner who can be available to resolve all our hardware and IT services requirements. Proservz has been very helpful and we always recommend the team.

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