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Top 10 common problems with flat screens
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Top 10 common problems with flat screens

Flat screens have transformed our entertainment world. Packed with tech magic, they bring movies, TV shows, and games to life, making every moment a cinematic delight. However, problems with flat screens can arise, necessitating our attention. In this regard, we have compiled a comprehensive list of ten common problems that one may encounter with flat screens(Tv repair in thane).

10 common problems with flat screens:

Audio-Visual system is not in sync- Most of the time, this is the common issue arising with flat screens. It’s mainly due to distorted signals or loose connections which can be easily rectified (Tv repair in Andheri).

Improper brightness, contrast or saturation- Flat screens now come with various advanced technologies and have a new feature named “Ambient light or Intelligent Sensor” which adjusts the colour of the screen in accordance with the illumination of the room which may distort the colour schemes.

Unable to connect the TV to the Wifi- All the advanced TVs have an inbuilt feature of internet connectivity which helps us to stream various content through online portals. These online portals are available with a strong internet connection which is usually through a WiFi system. To ensure the connectivity one must go through a manual guide. Unable to connect to the Wifi can be due to incorrect password or weak signals.

Improper ratio of picture to screen- Most flat screens can be adjusted to various ratios for varied views. This can lead to crpped or enlarged images in relation to the flat screen, but nothing a quick setting could not fix.

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Multiple lines from a single point on the flat screen- Oftentimes, minor hits to these delicate flat screens can cause damage which resembles a spider web-like lines radiating from a single point. This is due to damage to the internal glass by some external force.

Flickering of the flat screen which goes away after restarting the TV- After some time, flat screens start flickering causing distorted images or various horizontal colourful lines and get back to normal after restarting the TV set. This resort is useful only a couple of times after which the problem persists. This is mainly due to technical issues with the main processor band which is signaling the LED backlights to turn off via the control line.

Images have a weird outline- The object or person on the flat screen appears to have a dark outline to it, this occurs when your flat screen is set at a high range of sharpness.

Graying out of the screen- Sometimes half the flat screen is greyed out. It can be due to:
a. Disturbed input signals.
b. Faulty settings.

Proper visual system with no sound- This is a common flat screen problem seen when:
a. The sound is muted or lowered.
b. The TV is connected to a bluetooth device or headsets.
c. There’s a loose wire connection.

Proper audio but no picture- If the flat screen has no picture on it, but you can still hear the audio, it is mostly due to an issue with the back-lighting system. It can be checked by dimming the illumination present in the room by flashing the light on the flat screen from different angles. If you can see bleak pictures, then the issue is confirmed.

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