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Your Professional LCD & LED TV Repair Centre in Kurla

TV repair centre in kurla

We are professional TV Repair Centre in Kurla. Proservz, the only place to go for expert work on a wide range of LCD and LED television troubles in Kurla. We realize how tedious and frustrating it is to be dealing with a TV that is not working. Therefore, resolving this dilemma has become our top priority to ensure that your TV is fixed quickly and with quality.

What We Do at TV Repair Centre in Kurla ?

Within Proservz, we are the experts at repairing all TV models, either LED or LCD. If you are an HDTV customer who is having problems with general picture quality, sound, inability to stable connection, or basically any other technical issue, our team of experienced troubleshooters is competent enough to find and fast solve it. Ranging from seemingly minor glitches to thorough repairs and maintenance, we deliver our full competence and expertise in all cases. Contact us for Kurla West LED TV repair.

Why Us: TV Repair Service Kurla?

Choosing Proservz for your TV repair needs in Kurla comes with several benefits: Choosing Proservz for your TV repair needs in Kurla comes with several benefits:

Expertise: The technicians at our TV repair service Kurla East service center are experts in not only working on LCD and LED TVs, but they are also professionals in effectively repairing your television, thus giving you peace of mind.

Quality Service: Unlike others, we employ authentic parts with up-to-date technology that have no cause to incur an unexpected premature replacement.

Convenience: Second to the fact that your time is important, we ensure our services are newly and efficiently performed, therefore minimizing your inconvenience fixed periods.

Affordability: And it’s our mission to remain transparent in our pricing and create a kind of healthy competition, therefore empowering your wallets.

Customer Satisfaction: We place your satisfaction as the priority it deserves. Our goal is the satisfaction of every client, and after our labors, there will be a fully functional TV at your place with a smile on your face.

Our Process: LCD and LED TV Repair Kurla West

Diagnosis: If you have your set brought to us, our technicians will embark on a detailed diagnostic test in order to take into consideration the chief cause of the problem.

Repair Plan: After making the diagnosis, we will shake out a personalized repair plan that will accommodate both your requirements and your budget limits.

Repair: Next, we will employ our knowledgeable technicians who’ll carry out the service with professionalism and the use of authentic parts instead of cheap substitutes; advanced methods will be utilized to guarantee you a reliable and long-term fix.

Testing: We optimize the repair process as soon as it ends and go for extensive testing to be 100% confident that everything is working as it should before returning the TV to you.

Customer Satisfaction: We seek your input and promise to give you the result after it meets your expectations.


A television that fails to work won’t allow you to fully enjoy your time in front of this screen, right? Proservz is the address to check for any kinds of repairs to LCD and LED TVs in Kurla. Using our expertise, excellent customer service, and our undaunted hatred of happy clients, we are your good pal for the repair of TV sets of every shape. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email to book a repair appointment or discuss further any service that we provide. Call us for LED TV repair in Kurla East.

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